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Financial Freedom

Getting Out of Debt

I was featured on Debt-Free Dad, talking about how we paid of $245,000 in loans in 4 years. Watch below:

Essentially, I was tired of living paycheck to pay check and always telling people that I worked for myself so I could live a life of my choosing but I really wasn’t living that life. We were too restricted by our debt. I had $37,000 in student loans, $25,000 in credit card debt, 2 car loans and a few personal loans to boot. We would pay down our credit card debt every now and then only to have it run right back up.


The cycle was exhausting. So I finally figured it was time to get some professional help because what I was doing wasn’t working. I hired Brad at Balanced Cents and through his amazing program we were able to get rid of over $335,000 worth of debt and move to a larger property with less than 10 years left on our primary mortgage.

I've also attended Financial Peace University with Dave Ramsey, and my mission is to help others achieve success with money as well.

Christina TnT Minimalist Living Bend, OR


These are affiliate links for programs I use and highly recommend. Disclosure: I will receive monetary compensation if you choose to join these paid programs.

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